Loading and unloading company providing services

Receiving and unloading of light, heavy and bulky goods …

Receive and unloading, moving warehouses and factories. Receive unloading orders.

Receive unloading and loading of goods conteiner, up and down of trucks …

Working in warehouses, seaports, airports …

Special: Our company accepts to work hourly, according to customer requirements, including at night, Sunday, holidays.

Loading And Unloading Dai Nam

Loading and unloading Dai Nam to pick up the cheapest Ho Chi Minh goods

Dai Nam loading and unloading company specializes in loading and unloading, supplying human resources for export processing zones warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas.

With the motto  PRESTIGE – SAFETY – FAST – EFFICIENCY – SAVE , we are committed to providing Loading and unloading services, labor supply, truck rental, car accessories, drivers at competitive prices and Ensuring service quality brings peace of mind and satisfaction to customers.

With a professional working style, and a dynamic team of experienced staff, we are always ready to meet all requirements of forklift and crane rental services of customers based on long-term cooperation and mutually beneficial.

Tphcm cargo handling service here is always appreciated for the professionalism of the staff. Surely you will be satisfied.

Address of loading and unloading of cheap Tphcm goods

Demand for use of construction dich vu boc xep in Ho Chi Minh City is growing, especially Ho Chi Minh City  Cargo handling services cheap price .

When having to transport bulky goods in tight places, many alleys, densely populated areas, it is very difficult for the motor vehicles to operate, this service is extremely urgent.

Understanding these difficulties and worries, Dai Nam Loading and Unloading Service would like to offer our customers the fastest, safest and most economical Cargo Handling service.

Our cargo handling service is loading cheap Ho Chi Minh goods

With many years of establishment and development, up to now Loading and Unloading Service of Dai Nam Loading and Unloading Company has also developed and built a team of loading and unloading workers with good health and experience. folded.

Along with the support of industrial machinery: hoists, cranes, trailers, tractors, winches, transporting equipment, unloading, dismantling …

With a professional and diligent workforce, Dai Nam Loading and Unloading Company wishes to serve customers in the best way with reasonable prices.

Our strength is the spirit of wholeheartedness for customers, your satisfaction is our great honor for us.

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