Learn about Poodle dog, information about Poodle dog breed, origin

Possessing a lovely and lovely appearance, the Poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds today with easy-to-care, easy-care, cold-resistant and extremely strong swimming features. In addition, some places also raise and train Poodle dogs to perform circus or hunt.

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About Poodle dogs, how to care for, nurture and train

Poodle dog origin

You can find Poodle dogs at many addresses in Vietnam, but their origin is unknown. Because Poodle dog from 400 years ago was popular as a favorite dog in  Western Europe  and up to now, it still debates origin from France, Germany or Denmark …

In terms of name, “Poodle” comes from the German word “Pudel”, translated into Vietnamese as “diver”. In Germany, this breed is hunted by hunters to hunt birds and catch fish on the surface of the lake because they have a thick layer of long covering all over the body, withstand the cold and swim very well. Coming to France, because this breed is smart, the French have trained and put them into circus, since then in France appeared the art form “Caniche”.

Describe your dog’s appearance

The medium-sized Poodle breeds and the most identifiable feature is the curly coat. The length of Poodle is approximately equal to the height from the shoulder blade.

Ears near the head, always flat and long with the wavy coat. The front and back legs are well balanced with the body and tail always pointing up. Usually when born, the Poodle dog will be halved tail to look more balanced with the profile. Their toes are slightly arched and the oval feet are small. Poodle skin is soft, elastic and pigmented.

The Poodle’s buttocks are round and not saggy, and the thighs are firm, so their gait is very gentle and dancing.

In terms of skin color, each dog will have a skin color that matches the coat color. Usually white fur, the skin will be silver and this color is the most popular. In addition, Poodle also has other colors, including black, gray, silver, sepia, chocolate brown, dairy cow, yellow apricot.

The coat is what makes the difference in this breed, the Poodle hair is like a human hair, always grows over time, not only to the maximum level or is it shed hair, seasonal shedding like other species .

About Poodle dogs, how to care for, nurture and train

Describe your dog’s personality

Poodle is one of the dogs ranked high for loyalty to the owner. They will be a very lovely companion, very easy to train and learn very quickly. However, do not let them perform the game of chasing or physical activity, but should only give them light and walking games.

The Poodle barks a lot and has a rather irritable personality but is one of the smartest dogs, which meets the requirements of the owner. If loved in the afternoon, they will be very happy, active and enjoy playing with everyone. However, poodle dogs who are not regularly out to play will become shy and have negative signs such as barking, growling, or biting furniture …

Just spend a little time daily to teach and walk, the poodle will be very gentle and energetic. But do not be too pampered because doing so will be difficult to say and when interacting with strangers and being angry, they may bite people because inherently Poodle is sensitive.

As for children and other pets, the poodle is always sociable and shows affection and friendliness.

Train your Poodle to listen well

They are considered one of the smartest and most easily trained dog breeds. Huan luyen cho sai gon  easily and absolutely should not overly indulge them. Poodle can also be played with children, however it is best for 5 years and over. Except for things the owner forbids and is not allowed to leave, the rest is easily chewed by them.

In addition, you can also train them to practice   simple dog training exercises at home such as standing 2 legs, sitting, lying, lying dead … If you do not have any experience please contact  Hotline: 0965.898.285  – Coach Pham Van Dong

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