Internal-external utilities asahi tower project

Ngày đăng: 29/04/2020 Chia sẽ bởi: Vân Chi Chuyên mục: Bất Động Sản Lượt xem: 371 lượt

Du an Asahi Tower  located right on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, about 3km from District 5, about 7km from the center of District 1 and about 3km from the Western Bus Station connected by large, spacious roads, saving speed. quick notice.

Asahi Tower project project utility


Motorcycle parking area Motorbike parking area

Car parking area Car parking area

Green campus Green tree campus

Park Park

Community chair Community chair

Backup power system Backup power system


Security guard Security guard: Protect office hours

Cleaning the house Cleaning up

Fire protection system Fire protection system: Fire alarm system


Children’s play area Children’s play area


Restaurant Restaurant

Supermarket Supermarket

Coffee shop Coffee shop

Trade center Trade center

Internal-external utilities asahi tower project

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