Information about the progress of the asahi tower project

Asahi tower project progress

Information about the progress of dự án asahi tower

– Opened the model house on November 22, 2020 at the project location.
– The basement topping ceremony on 12/30/2021.
– Completed reinforced concrete frame section, tensioned cable girder on September 15, 2019.
– Part of finishing to 08/2020:
+ Block A – 14 floors: 100% complete.
+ Block B – 20 floors: 100% complete.
+ Block C – 14 floors: 100% complete.
– M & E systems, fire protection, lightning protection, information, security control cameras: 100% complete.
– Completed architecture of garden landscape, internal roads and other auxiliary areas (swimming pool, tennis court, canteen): 100% completed.
– The project has been completed and put into use since the third quarter of 2021.
– Completed the sale of the entire apartment in 2014, the Company has now handed over the Certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and assets attached to land to customers from the third quarter of 2020 and will completed in 2021.

 Du An Asahi Tower

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